Why choose Contak as your recruitment partner?

Do you need to fill several vacant permanent positions within your enterprise?

Our placement and recruitment agency is ready to help you.

Whether you’re in Québec or Ontario, don’t hesitate to contact our bilingual recruitment agency to fulfil your needs. We have several ideal candidates eager to meet you.

Embauche permanente | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

Contak specializes in the following domains:

  • White and blue collar workers
  • The manufacturing industry
  • Manual day labourers
  • And more

Our recruitment agency fields local and international manpower, temporary or permanent, giving you access to a vast pool of loyal and qualified candidates ready to fill various types of positions quickly.

Resolve your manpower problem now!

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Embauche permanente | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

The Contak difference
How we can help you

  • Speed up your recruitment
  • Get access to local or international candidates who are qualified, loyal and well-suited for your culture
  • Reduce your turnover rate
  • Save money
  • Benefit from bilingual recruitment expertise
    (Ontario and Québec markets)

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