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Fielding a dedicated in-house human resources management team is not within reach for all enterprises. Contak is here to give you a hand, with either all or some of your talent management needs.

Personalized HR services

The role of human resources has changed. This no longer consists solely of supporting the enterprise, but extends to helping assure its success and growth over time. By relying on Contak for some of your human resources tasks, you can take advantage of an array of high quality personalized services without incurring the expense of creating a full-time human resources position. Contak offers services wholly adapted to the context of your enterprise and offered either as a package or on an hourly basis. Contak handles HR files:

  • Hourly recruitment
  • Reference verification
  • Criminal record check
    (turnaround within 24 hours)
  • Interview support
  • Interview template
  • Pre-hiring testing
  • Psychometric testing
Gestion des ressources humaines | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

Rely on our professionals and free your time to grow your business.

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Gestion des ressources humaines | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

Sub-contracting of HR: A winning solution

Human resources management is a complex responsibility that requires expertise, time and resources. Relying on a specialized agency to handle your HR management needs proves to be a winning solution.

Save time and ensure that your most valuable resource is managed adequately and professionally by experts.

Human capital is at the heart of the success of any enterprise

Gestion des ressources humaines | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

Human resources are at the heart of the success any enterprise. The expansion and resilience of any organization depends on talent. By managing your human capital effectively, you increase your productivity and your chances of standing out from your competition. Proficient human resources management will also help you reduce production costs.

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Gestion des ressources humaines | Contak - Solutions de recrutement

How Contak can help you with your HR

Our specialized recruitment agency is able to save you time and money by taking charge of various human resources related tasks, such as:

  • Drafting of employee guides
  • Planning and accompaniment for the reception and integration of new employees
  • Composing and updating of policies and procedures
  • Analysis and composing of job descriptions
  • Preparation of interview templates
  • Verification of judicial backgrounds of applicants

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